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CrewInspector partners with Latvian Maritime Academy

CrewInspector partners with Latvian Maritime Academy

Riga, Latvia – CrewInspector signs a partnership agreement with Latvian Maritime Academy to provide lectures and training courses in crewing and crew management. Theoretical knowledge and practical tasks with crew management software enable students studying Ports and Shipping management bachelor program to understand the process of crew management from different angles.

Crew Management is part of the vessel management lecture course where students are able to gain basic knowledge of practical part of crewing day to day issues. CrewInspector provided an overview of global trends and practices in crew management industry by outlining differences in Asian, Middle East and European markets. Theoretical lectures highlighted topics related to various operation risks such as economic downturn, human errors, human resource management issues and preventive measures concerning seafarer incompetency and drug and alcohol prevention.

Special attention was given to practical tasks with crew management software. Students had to go through full crew management process starting from the crew recruitment, crew planning for predefined vessel ranks and meeting safe manning requirements.
Students were divided by teams each taking care of different vessel. Primarily task was to create crew employment contracts using different wage scales and make sure the crewing costs fit within predefined budget for the vessel. The final tasks were wage calculation and customer invoicing enabling to identify if any errors occurred during the crew wage set-up.

CrewInspector surveyed students after course completion: students in average rated introduction in crew management as good, 62.5% of students liked the practical work with CrewInspector the most. Everybody agreed that knowledge obtained within the course will be more useful in their future career other than studies.

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CrewInspector Ltd is an online crew management software provider established in 2011 Riga, Latvia and operating the software since 2004. Crewing software is primarily designed for use of crewing agents and ship management companies. provides full cycle of crew management operations starting the crew database, scheduling and certificate management as well as crew payroll calculations and customer invoicing. CrewInspector is fully MLC 2006 compliant. More information on

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