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Intelligent Crew Management System

Crew Data Management

Crew Data Management allows maintaining seafarer database information up to date, all most important information on a seafarer, including basic personal information as well as sea going service, certificates, banking data, next of kin and most importantly copies of certificate files.

Adding new seafarers to the database using CrewInspector is an easy task, especially considering the automation opportunity the software provides. Crewing software can be directly linked with any internet website where candidates may apply using online application form.

Integrated Online Application form

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Readymade online application form allows you receiving new seafarer applications directly into the Crew Management Software database, eliminating the hassle of collecting MS Word or MS Excel documents.

New applications arrive along with notification message to your e-mail, so you don’t miss any candidate applying for a job.

SMS functionality

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Save your time on routine tasks while communicating with existing seafarers or potential employees by sending SMS to their mobile phone.

Advanced Search

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Advanced search will enable you finding the most appropriate candidate for replacing existing crew onboard or filling in new vacancies.

Finding right seafarer will be fast and easy thanks to detailed criteria filtering possibilities starting seafarer basic information (name, surname, rank, nationality, availability date) and more comprehensive criteria such as information based on a sea going service (vessel names, vessel types, engine types).

Search offers handy feature finding seafarers by certificates and documents they hold including the country of issue.

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