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Offshore crewing

Crew management for rigs, platforms and offshore vessels

Specifically to offshore sector, CrewInspector offers great functionality to correspond different needs and requirements. Weather you operate oil rig or offshore vessel fleet, you will find the helpful tools to manage your crew efficiently.

Apart of CrewInspector core functionality, there are certain modules available for offshore sector.

Contracts and employments

CrewInspector enables crew contract management for permanent and temporary crew. Based on the contract type system enables various wage calculation options such as monthly, daily, hourly wage.

Crew rotation and scheduling

Within the system you can easily create crew rotation and back to back planning for flexible period such as 6 months or 1 year ahead. Based on what you can send the working schedule individually to each crew member via e-mail.

Rotation can be different per rank or per crew member, where you have flexibility defining on days and off days based on project requirements.

Project management

Create and manage project duration and assign projects to specific clients. System enables flexible vessel assignments to specific projects as well as crew rotation scheduling per project.

Crew payroll and client invoicing

Within CrewInspector, you can generate payroll based on various criteria such as nationality, currency, vessel and project. System will generate ready to send invoices for crew management services occurred during the duration of the project or any other period based on the wage set-up.

Timesheet, travel and overtime

Easy generation of crew time sheets based on projects or vessels worked during certain period of time. Timesheet can be hold custom information such as travel days, overtime and total hours worked.
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