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CrewInspector offers compliance with Data protection law in Russian Federation

<!--:en-->CrewInspector offers compliance with Data protection law in Russian Federation<!--:--><!--:ru-->CrewInspector соответствует закону Российской Федерации о защите данных<!--:-->

С первого сентября 2015 года на территории Российской Федерации вступил в силу закон о защите персональных данных. Изначально законопроект был составлен в 2006 году, последние изменения, предусматривающие ряд требований связанных с обработкой персональных данных Российских граждан были внесены в 2011 году. В первую очередь, закон сосредоточен на […]

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ADventure Offshore Ltd signs an agreement with CrewInspector

<!--:en-->ADventure Offshore Ltd signs an agreement with CrewInspector<!--:-->

Riga, Latvia – Web based crew management software provider CrewInspector has entered in to agreement with ADventure Offshore Ltd to provide HR management tool for operations in the offshore sector. ADventure Offshore Ltd is Ghana based company providing services to the offshore industry. CrewInspector fully covered the […]

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OCIMF matrix for tanker vessels

<!--:en-->OCIMF matrix for tanker vessels<!--:-->

CrewInspector has introduced tanker matrix to comply with OCIMF requirements for operators with tankers vessels in the fleet. Data for tanker matrix is being presented instantly on actual date requested. Matrix provides quick overview on all officers including onboard and planned crew (relievers). Information on officers is […]

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Better and faster crew recruitment process

CrewInspector introduces new mailing tool specifically tailored for recruitment needs. Once a crew manager creates a new vacancy within CrewInspector, system will automatically propose the best matches based on the particular vacancy criteria and enabling to send out an e-mail to all potential candidates with one click. […]

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Finding good candidates is easy

<!--:en-->Finding good candidates is easy<!--:-->

Share vacancies in CrewInspector via LinkedIn CrewInspector has introduced vacancy sharing functionality directly from crew management software, now all crew managers can benefit from this functionality while recruiting new people for their vacancies. Now you can share your vacancies directly on LinkedIn using share button. All crew […]

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CrewInspector provides crew management software to Ropetec International Ltd

<!--:en-->CrewInspector provides crew management software to Ropetec International Ltd<!--:--><!--:ru-->CrewInspector предоставляет программное обеспечение для Ropetec International Ltd<!--:-->

CrewInspector provides crew management software to inspection and maintenance rope access specialists Ropetec International Ltd Riga – CrewInspector, an online crew management software provider, has been awarded a contract by Ropetec International Ltd for the provision of a crew management solution for the support of their offshore […]

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Survey: Majority is looking for online crew management software

<!--:en-->Survey: Majority is looking for online crew management software<!--:--><!--:ru-->Результаты опроса: большинство ищет онлайн программное обеспечение для крюинга<!--:-->

Riga/Latvia – crewing software provider conducted an online survey asking companies, which are currently searching the market for a new software, to answer the question “Why they are looking for crew management software”. Survey was conducted among participants from various industry sectors such as crew manning […]

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CrewInspector expands business in Ukraine

<!--:en-->CrewInspector expands business in Ukraine<!--:--><!--:ru-->CrewInspector разширяет бизнес в Украине<!--:-->

Riga, Latvia – CrewInspector an online crew management software provider recently signed up with number of crew recruitment and crew management agencies based in Ukraine to provide its crewing software for businesses in Ukrainian market. “We see that companies are looking for straight forward software solutions not […]

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CrewInspector partners with Upstream Crew B.V.

<!--:en-->CrewInspector partners with Upstream Crew B.V.<!--:--><!--:ru-->CrewInspector  и Upstream Crew B.V. стали партнерами<!--:-->

Riga/Bergen op Zoom – Upstream announces that it has officially started to use the CrewInspector crew management software developed by SIA CrewInspector based in Latvia. After a testing period of two months, we have decided to implement CrewInspector in our organization. It has shown to be a […]

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CrewInspector provides crew management software to Lowland International

<!--:en-->CrewInspector provides crew management software to Lowland International<!--:--><!--:ru-->CrewInspector предоставляет программное обеспечение для Lowland International<!--:-->

Riga/Nieuw-Vennep – has been selected by Lowland International to provide its online crew management software to Lowland group of companies. Agreement stipulates full integration of Lowland offices across the globe into single crew management system enabling to do crew management, crew payroll and customer invoicing. CrewInspector […]

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