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CrewInspector sets market standards for crew management software

Recently we came across various websites offering online crew management software in the maritime market which partially or fully infringes the copyrights of CrewInspector SIA content.

Being among the pioneers in the web based crewing software and crew payroll segment started in 2003, CrewInspector highly values the competition which keeps the market developing and offers greater choice for crewing agencies and ship managers to choose from.

It is also understandable that some individuals around the world always try to replicate products and companies which are successful in the market like it has been happening to the most of the top brands copied and produced by factories in China. In this sense CrewInspector faces the same challenges.

Since it has happened to other crewing software providers in the past, we are not the first one and not the last.

Despite of the positive developments what competition brings, we would like everyone to be alert and pay special attention to copycats which to our knowledge exist in India, Ukraine and Greece and possibly other countries as well. These individuals and companies have copied copyright content from CrewInspector SIA representing as its own.

Therefore considering the copyright infringements it’s doubtful they are able to provide quality service and quality software to the market and in the worst case it is scam.

Be attentive and critical when choosing the right provider and pay special attention to the country of origin. Please do some background checks as well whenever you look for crew management system for your company needs.

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